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Phi tai thang Ham.
            This phi has its peculiarity in connection with a potion or charm to excite love. When a woman after dying from childbirth is buried and, no preventive measures are taken, those who deal in magic will go to a cemetery in the dead of night, preferably on the third day after the woman's death, to dig lip the woman's corpse. Before doing so, a sacred thread is wound about the place and incantations made. This is to prevent the spirit of the dead woman from escaping. When this eerie business is in progress with lighted candles and incantations, there will appear suddenly from the corpse, a weird light shooting up and their down. This is the spirit of the woman trying to escape, but it cannot get away owing to the 'mystical barrier of the sacred thread. The light is caught by A phi doctor and confined in an earthen provided. He seals it with a piece of cloth with mystical ters. The corpse is 'then made to sit up and a lighted candle is applied to its chin. A small vessel is held underneath to lighted candle oil from the chin of the corpse trickling down by the heat of the applied candle. It is a matter of popular belief carried by hearsay that the muscles of the arms of the corpse will contract through the candle's heat and try to embrace the operators. This is a-sure sign that the desired result has been produced. This ghoulish oil is stored in the same earthen pot in which the imaginary spirit is kept. - If a small portion of this oil is secretly smeared on a girl, the potent oil will have a wonderful effect. It will excite madly her love for the man who has smeared it on her. In fact this ghoulish oil is a well-known love philtre. Its efficacy is never doubted by credulous folk.