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Phi Krahang (ผีกระหัง)
            This is said to be a male phi krasu Judged by its characteristics, which are scanty, it must be of a different species altogether. Unlike the phi krasu, little is known of this phi except its name. It is a popular belief that a man who has become an adept in the art of magic will grow wings and is able to fly. He will then turn into a phi krahang and use two long pestles, used for pounding rice, as his legs and a small pestle, used for pulverizing rice, as his tail, I wonder what happened to his original legs. Nothing has been said about its ways and habits save Thai it likes to devour dirty things like a phi krasu It is said that a person who becomes a phi krahang will not expose or let any one touch his posterior part. He fears that his real nature will be detected for he has a stump of a tail. Whether the phi Krahang harms people is a matter of conjecture. I think it does, as all phi are, by nature, hostile to man, but in what menner it does harm to people is not definitely known. Both phi krasu and phi krahang are not generally known outside central Thailand. Allied to them are the "phi phoang" of the people of the North and North-east Thailand.