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Phi lang Huang (ผีหลังกลวง).
            Translated, "phi lang kluang" means a hollow-backed phi in human form. One can see through the opening all the entrails inside, and they are full of worms. When people sit around a fire in the open air to warm themselves at night or go out fishing at night, a stranger from nowhere will come up and join the party. It is the phi lang kluang. He harms no one; and if he wants to make a joke, he will ask I a boy in the party to scratch his back. Then the stranger is, revealed to be the phi lang kluang for there is a hollow in his back full of millepeds. The phi lang kluang live in a community by themselves in a forest. Perhaps they are not phi but aborigines whose characteristic hollow back has been exaggerated. A Chinese book, "Shan Hai Ching" contains a report of many strange peoples residing beyond, the borders of the Middle Kingdom. "Among these few were stranger than those who were said to be provided with a hole through their chests, so that all that was required to transport a person of rank 'from one place to another was a long bamboo which was passed through the hole and on which he was carried along by bearers in he manner of a sedan -chair."*, Is there any connection between these strange' people and the phi lang kluang?