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Phi poang khang.
            Poang is an area where the earth is salty; in other words a salt lick found in a forest. Khang is a langur or longtailed monkey. Phi poang khang is therefore a phi
in the shape of the animal dwelling near a salt-lick. It is said that this phi, unlike the khang monkey, has a short tail. Its upper lip is bulging, revealing its upper teeth. At night it comes down from a big tree in which it lives near a salt-lick to suck blood from a sleeping person in the same manner as the phi kong koi. When camping in a forest near a salt-lick, one has to be on guard against this phi.
            No doubt the phi poang khang is a kind of monkey, nocturnal in habit like the lemur which originally meant a ghost. There is a belief concerning the khang monkey that when it comes down the tree at night, it gropes about and feels the ground in order to be sure that it is still there, rather than sliding down quickly. It is said that tigers will wait nearby at night to pounce on the khang monkeys while coming down the trees. Whether this is a fact, no one has verified.
            The phi, as already mentioned, are numerous. Each area of the country has varieties of them. Some have queer names which are of ten untranslatable. Of these phi, there is one in the South which to me is particularly interesting. It is the "phi lang kluang".,