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Phi kong koi
            It is said that the phi kong koi has only one leg and hops along on one foot wherever it goes. It lives in a forest and goes out only at night. People know only by its somids whenone it comes, but no one has ever seen its real being. Its cry sounds something like "kong koi, kong koi!" from which comes its name. When it approaches a sound of "chu, chu" is heard from afar and then it comes nearer and nearer. People spending a night in the jungle recognize the sound, and know that if frightened by loud shonting it will go away. When departing it gives a sound like the. shaking of leaves on a tree blown by a gust of strong wind. The people believe that this phi comes out at night to stick blood from the toe of a wayfarer (luring his sleep in the jungle. After the sucking the person will become weak and die. Perhaps the phi kong koi is a sort of vampire bat